Become a sponsor of the Van Doorn Foundation too!

In the context of corporate social responsibility, sponsoring can be very interesting for companies. At the same time the Van Doorn Foundation benefits from increased brand awareness. Are you interested in sponsoring one of our projects? Please contact us!

We can offer our sponsors the following:

  • Mentioning your (company’s) name on our website, if preferred with a logo and URL;
  • 1-3 entries of your company’s name (as a sponsor, in referral to the sponsored project) in our digital newsletter and on our Facebook page;
  • Of course, you can mention the fact that you have sponsored a specific project in your own internal and external communications like publications and your website. Also, you can share a link to the website of the Van Doorn Foundation. We are happy to supply e.g. images for your articles;
  • If you prefer, we can provide regular updates on the sponsored project. That way we can keep you informed about the way your contribution is being spent. For each sponsor we make individual agreements on the manner and frequency of the updates.

Are you interested in sponsoring one of our projects? Please let us know and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Sponsors of the Van Doorn Foundation
Aalbers-Kersten Holding (since 2014)

Aalbers-Kersten Holding is owner of several restaurants in Nijmegen.

The following projects have – partially or fully – been financed – by Aalbers-Kersten Holding:

in 2014 setting up horticultural education for orphans in Lambwe – Kenya.

Addo Kranendonk Fund (since 2012)

The Van Doorn Foundation administers the inheritance of Addo Kranendonk, the late treasurer of the Van Doorn Foundation who died in 2013. The following projects are – partially or fully – funded from the Addo Kranendonk Fund:

Aelbrechtsfonds (2019)


End of 2019 the foundation Aelbrechtsfonds provided funding for the expansion of a carpentry training in Uganda.

AFAS Foundation (2017)

AFAS Foundation

Thanks to a donation of the AFAS Foundation equipment and tooling could be purchased to make school furniture for a craft school in Elgeyo-Marakwet County, Kenya.

ASN Foundation (2017-2019)

ASN Foundation

The ASN Foundation from The Netherlands sponsored half of the improvement of the capacity and quality of education in Noukoula, Mali.

Ga voor meer informatie naar www.asnbank.nl of www.asnbank.nl/foundation.

Cremers Visuele Communicatie (2013)

Cremers visuele communicatie

Our stunning logo was designed by Willy Cremers of Cremers Visuele Communicatie from Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Diaconate De Voorhof Woudenberg (2018)

Diaconie De Voorhof Woudenberg

From the Diaconate of the Protestant Congregation De Voorhof from Woudenberg, The Netherlands, we received a donation to spend for one of our projects at our own discretion.

Hofsteestichting (2019)


The Hofsteestichting from The Netherlands, has provided funding for the establishment of vocational training for teenage mothers in Homa Bay, Kenya, a project of the Ayaga Dani Widows Group.

Kingloopwinkel Woudenberg (2018)

Kringloopwinkel Woudenberg

From the Recycling Shop Woudenberg, The Netherlands, we received a donation to spend for one of our projects at our own discretion.

KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs (since 2016)

KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs

KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs from Amersfoort has partially or fully – funded the following projects:

Rabobank | Share4More (2013 and 2015)

Rabobank Share4More

Share4More, the employee participation fund of Rabobank (The Netherlands), provided substantial funding for the drilling of a well and the set up a vegetable garden for the improvement of the capacity and quality of education in Noukoula, Mali. Share4More also sponsored the set up of the HCF vocational training centre in Tanzania.

S and C vd Lee Foundation (2019)

The S and C vd Lee Foundation in Zwaag (The Netherlands) made in 2019 a wonderful donation that enabled the purchase of training materials for the 2nd Safe House and training center in the Mara / Serengeti region of Tanzania.

SME Woudenberg (2017)

The SME Woudenberg and environs sponsored in 2017 the purchase of tools for the ‘Pacer Community Polytechnic’ craft school in Pakwach – Uganda in 2017. The participating companies were:

Soroptimist Club - West Betuwe (2017 and 2018)

Unie van Soroptimisten

With two great donations the Soroptimist Club – West Betuwe from The Netherlands made it possible to purchase more training equipment (machines, tools, materials for manual work, supplies for tailoring) for the 2nd Safe House and vocational training centre in the Mara/Serengeti region of Tanzania.

Stichting Eerlijk Delen (2015)

Stichting Eerlijk Delen

The foundation Eerlijk Delen made an important financial contribution to the construction of 3 new class rooms for the improvement of the capacity and quality of education in Noukoula, Mali. 

The Collector B&B (2014)

The Collector B&B

The Collector Bed & Breakfast from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has made an important contribution to the expansion of primary education in Lambwe Valley, Kenya, with lower agricultural education for orphans.

The Transpetrol Foundation (2016)

Transpetrol Foundation

The Transpetrol Foundation made an important financial contribution to the expansion of a vocational training centre in Shinyanga, Tanzania,

Transfair Foundation (2020 and 2021)

The objectives of the Transfair Foundation are to support disadvantaged groups and individuals for which education is at stake and to support projects aimed at improving ITC education in a general.

Unique (2018)


Unique sponsored the expansion of the small vocational training centre for street children in Kenya.

Van Doorn AV Producties (2018)

Van Doorn AV Productions from Soest, The Netherlands, has realized a great corporate movie on own account. We also thank actress Kelly Dorenbusch for her contibution as well as Corderius College in Amersfoort, The Netherlands, for making their school building available as shooting location.

Website Sponsors (2002-2020)

2002 – 2008
– Web design and hosting sponsored by: Nycom Adviesbureau in Nijmegen (Paul Eigenhuijsen)
– Website manager – Addo Kranendonk

2009 – 2013
– Web design sponsored by: Flexeeble in Delft (Bas Deelen) Website manager – Paul Sutmuller

2014 – 2019
– Web design sponsored by: Zaaks in Utrecht (Melvin van Rookhuizen)
– Website manager – Marjan Schaapman

Vanaf 2020
– Web hosting sponsored by: ZumIT in IJsselstein (Sander Zuurbrink)
– Website manager – Lisa Kranendonk