Goals study funding
What do we want to achieve?

Our way to fulfil our mission is by funding the education of young people between 14 and 28 years of age who live in our targeted countries and who are not able to study without a scholarship. This may concern young people with a mental or physical disability or financially limited (e.g., orphaned, semi-orphaned, unemployed parents) which limits their participation in professional education.

The Foundation finances, in principle, only diploma level training offered by technical colleges; and bachelor’s degree level training offered by universities for which employment is most obvious.

The maximum scholarship per student per academic year is € 500. The Foundation only contributes to the study expenses or tuition fees (and not for accommodation and cost of living). The Foundation also does not fund overdue school fees or tuition fees (arrears).

The Foundation allocates annually € 12.000 for study funding, which is entirely funded from the Foundation’s own resources.

Scholarship-agreements will be signed with the students, in which mutual obligations are defined, such as the scholarship committed by the Foundation and the reporting obligations of the student.

Targeted countries
The Foundation focuses its scholarship support on four countries in East Africa, namely Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.