Apply for project funding
Application procedure and application form for study funding

You can apply for funding by filling out the application form and send it to [email protected].

The application procedure consists of two steps: 1) the initial application, and 2) the final application.

We receive and review applications only twice a year.

Initial application

  • Initial applications can only be submitted in May or in October.

We will notify you within one week after receiving your initial application whether your application for project funding will or will not be considered. We will therefore check if the project meets our eligibility criteria.

Final application
In case your initial application is evaluated positively, you will receive from us the final application form with which you have to provide us additional information:

  • This final application must be submitted in June (before July 1), respectively in November (before December 1).

Your application will only be evaluated if the application form has been filled in completely and provided with all requested supporting documents.

Depending on the available budget, project funding will be awarded to the three pplications with the highest scores (thus there is a certain competition).

We will notify you in the course of July or December whether we awarded you project funding or not and how much time we expect we need for fundraising.

Initial application form for project funding in WORD

(can be filled in digitally)