Apply for study funding
Application procedure and application form for study funding

You can apply for study funding by filling out the application form and send it to [email protected].

The application procedure consists of two steps: 1) the initial application, and 2) the final application.

Initial application

  • The initial application can be made twice a year,
    • in May for diploma level technical education and bachelor’s degree level professional education, and
    • in October for certificate level vocational or craft training.
  • You will be notified within 3 weeks of receiving your initial application whether your application will be processed. We will therefore check whether your application meets our criteria.

Final application

  • In case your initial application has been evaluated positively, you will receive the final application form with which you have to provide us additional information
  • This final application must be submitted within 3 weeks after receipt of the final application form.


  • All applications submitted after the deadline will automatically be rejected.
  • Your application will only be evaluated if the application form has been filled in completely and provided with all requested supporting documents.
  • Depending on the available budget, a scholarship will be awarded to (a dozen) applications with the highest scores (thus there is a certain competition).
  • We will notify you, within 3 weeks of receiving your final application, whether we awarded you a scholarship or not.