Set up MULEBA vocational training centre in Tanzania
Mwanza, Tanzania

The project of the MULEBA Women Association wants to keep young people from the Buhongwa district out of prostitution by means of information and by giving them the opportunity to follow vocational training. The goal is to teach them to read and write and a skill.

In 2014, with the support of the Van Doorn Foundation, a vocational training center was set up and, launched first a tailor training and computer courses.

Project has been executed successfully!

Amount donated: € 8,021.-

Sponsor: Addo Kranendonk Fund

Project information
The situation

MULEBA provided already primary education (in English) for approximately 35 children from the surroundings of Buhongwa.

The importance of the project

MULEBA approached the Van Doorn Foundation in 2013 for the establishment of a vocational training centre. The project aimed initially at 200 highly motivated adolescent girls and boys.

The objective is to teach them to read and write and to teach them a trade. 

The implementing organisation

The MULEBA Women Association is a non-profit organisation in Mwanza (Tanzania) that wants to keep young people from the Buhongwa-district out of prostitution through education and giving them a chance to attend vocational training, so that they can make a living in another way.

The envisaged project results

This project fits entirely in the Van Doorn Foundation mission and objectives. In March 2013 it was agreed that MULEBA would provide the school premises and the Van Doorn Foundation would raise funds for the purchase of the needed equipment, a onetime investment of EUR 8,000: EUR 3,900 for a computer-course and EUR 1,700 for tailor training. On top of this, an amount of EUR 2,400 for the start-up cost of the first 10 months (salaries for the trainers and training equipment).

The local government was also closely involved in this project and has all the files ready to provide all needed permits once the centre would be ready.

The progress of the project

After some troubles and delays, the new location could be put into use by the end of 2014. MULEBA has set up the vocational training center at this new location and has started giving tailor and computer courses. While MULEBA was busy constructing the classrooms, we managed to collect the required EUR 8,000 through crowd-funding on and by a great gift from the Kranendonk family.

On February 28, 2014, an agreement was signed with MULEBA, that stipulates who does what and who pays what. The sewing machines for the tailor courses and computers for the computer courses were subsequently ordered and delivered. Teachers with VETA training (government training institute) were selected and followed a special training at SIDO (Mwanza sewing training centre).

The result

It worked! In November 2014 MULEBA’s Vocational Training Centre opened its doors and started with the first group of trainees. MULEBA has deliberately chosen to start the centre with a limited number of trainees, so any startup problems can more easily be resolved and experience can be gained with the operations of the centre. In the spring of 2015, the number of trainees will gradually be increased to the maximum capacity of the centre.

The enthusiasm is great, and the first reactions promising!. We will continue to monitor the project to ensure its sustainability.

Many thanks to everyone who donated to this project!